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Golden Snaps

#902 Noel Robinson & #937 Ivor Greenwood find trouble

#903 Robin Sloan


#903 Robin Sloan with his first Mazda 323

#910 Ivan Orr clashes with #24 Ronnie Box (1985)

#915 & #960 head the pack (1982)

#915 leads #932 & #917 at Raceway (1982)

#915 Leslie Dallas v #932 Davy Evans (1983)

#925 John Simms heads the field (1985)

#932 Davy Evans about to be paraded at Raceway after winning World

#944 Hugh McClean leads the pack (1982)


#950 Norman Woolsey & #962 Ormond Christie at Raceway (1983)

#962 Ormond Christie & #932 Davy Evans parade lap at Raceway

#962 prepares for 1985 Irish GP

1981 Irish Grand Prix

1986 Irish GP

1986 Irish Grand Prix grid

Davy Evans collects the Guardian Superstar award

Irish One-Two at Ipswich


Ormond Christie receiving his 'Raceway Driver of the Year award from Ballymena Guardian Editor Maurice O'Neill

#92 Joe Brown leads the pack (1982)

Stock-Car Final winner - Mervyn Swann

Robert Evans leading the Production car Final

Production Car Final Winner Sam Simpson

Shaun O'Neill presents the Guardian Superstar award to Walter McNeilly

Portadown driver Stevie Morrison in thick of the action

Victor McAfee receiving the final trophy with young Ryan Logan looking on

Former start marshall Denis Logan

Victor McAfee in his Production car days







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