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BriSCA F2 Stock-Cars




Fast and furious action is assured from these purpose built, single-seater specials. These attractive machines, topped of with a purposeful roof mounted aerofoil wing, are powered by a two-litre Ford ‘Pinto’ engine and race on a control tyre. Pushing and shoving an opponent to gain a position is allowed, but no deliberate or heavy fencing is permitted. The star drivers require a dynamic blend of skill and aggression to make headway through a crowded pack of cars. Another class popular throughout the UK mainland and governed nationally by BriSCA F2 Ltd. This class can claim to be the direct descendant of the original stock car class introduced to the province during the late sixties.

BriSCA F2 Stock-Cars 2017 Spec. to follow soon

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Group 2 Lightning-Rods


The 2016 season will see the Vauxhall Corsa B & Corsa C (5 door) being introduced to the new Spec. This is an ideal entry-level formula with this being a non-contact class offers drivers the chance to experience the excitement of short oval racing on a limited budget. The usual safety regulations such as roll cages, etc are compulsory, but otherwise the cars are virtually standard to keep preparation costs at a minimum. An engine capacity of 1600cc is specified with the most popular car being the Vauxhall Astra. The Group Twos regularly produce the highest car turnouts of any class in the province and the racing is often fraught with incident as ‘rookie’ drivers learn the tricks of the track!

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This 1200cc class caters for drivers from 10-16.

The Junior Rods are non-contact class with strict safety rules in place. In previous seasons the youngsters have race just as hard as their senior counterparts and the girls have proved just as successful as the boys. It is great fun to watch the enthusiasm the kids display in their driving and many of them move into the senior classes when they exceed the upper age limit for the juniors.

This class truly is the training ground for our stars of the future.

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Micro F2 Stock-Cars


Ballymena Raceway will be introducing the ultimate Kids class from the start of the 2016 season. The new fun class, is open to 7-11 year olds (driver stops racing in this class on 11th birthday). 

All Micro F2 Stock Cars will be identical.The cars are rear wheel drive and are powered by a pre-sealed 7hp engine and are chain driven. 

This is very much a fun formula, with the emphasis on participation and enjoyment. 

Interested in purchasing a Micro F2 please contact the BMR Promotion @ the following email address for further details.




National Hot-Rods


The pinnacle of UK based short track saloon racing, these highly modified cars, powered by a two-litre engine producing approximately 230 BHP, feature a purpose built space framed chassis, lightweight Kevlar body kits and race on wide, slick racing tyres. Very fast and spectacular racing is the order of the day as the drivers battle to control these thunderous machines while attempting precise overtaking manoeuvres. Contact is strictly prohibited and the class is governed at national level by the N.H.R.P.A. Northern Ireland drivers have enjoyed tremendous success in this formula, indeed the World Championship, held annually at Foxhall Stadium, Ipswich, Suffolk, has been won on twelve occasions by drivers from the province.

National Hot-Rods 2017 Spec. to follow soon

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A well supported and keenly contested non-contact formula for saloon cars up to 1400cc capacity. Limited engine and suspension modifications are allowed and the cars race on a single control tyre. The standard of car preparation and presentation is very high which leads to ultra close, wheel-to-wheel racing. The top drivers must be on it from the drop of the green flag to make any progress through the large grid of evenly matched competitors. Most successful car of the last decade has been the ubiquitous Vauxhall Nova, but the Vauxhall Corsa and Citroen Saxo models are becoming increasingly popular and competitive. The ORCi governs the formula at national level.

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Street-Rods is a standard non-contact class for 1200cc cars with very mininum tuning allowed.

This class is a great entry formula aimed at those who would love to race without being out the necessary expense. Cars can be built for around £600/£650.

Cars permitted for use are the Ford Fiesta Mk4, Mk5 & Mk6 - 1.2i 16v, Renault Clio Mk2 & Mk3 - 1.2i 8v & 1.2i 16v, Vauxhall Nova and Corsa B & C -1.2 8v carb, 1.2i 8v & 1.2i 16v. The only size of tyres permitted for use are 175/65/14. The driver’s door maybe skinned to allow the fitting of the chicken bars. Careful attention must be paid when fitting the fuel tank for injection cars with braided type fuel line being recommended for use. All cars must also run a non-return valve at the fuel tank.

If you require anymore info. on the above class please get in touch by emailing bmrovalracing@yahoo.co.uk

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