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Flags & Signals


Green - GO, All Clear to Race
Red - Stop Racing.
Yellow (Stationary) - Take care as a driver is still in a stationary car, but continue to Race.
Yellow (Waved)
- Race Suspension, All Cars must remain in single file and slow to 15mph, or in exceptional circumstances stop. No Overtaking is permitted.
Blue - Driver must hold their line as faster cars are trying to overtake.
Chequered Flag - Race Winner.
Black - Driver disqualified for an infringement or for health and safety reasons, driver must leave the track immediately.

Black Cross - Driver under surveillance for a rules infringement, may be penalised after race conclusion.

Blue & White Stripped flag - Give up your position - you have failed to give other drivers a racing line and a fair chance to overtake. Shown when overtaking driver is making continued efforts to pass and is being badly baulked. i.e Blue Flag being ignored.

White flag with Blue Centre - Drivers should exercise caution as oil or other debris may be on the track.





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